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R is for Reaching…your goals—How bad do you want it?

This year flew by to say the least. Goals and plans have changed to suit disorganization and lack of focus to satisfy the need to procrastinate further. We will be half-way through the year in around 40 days. Some of us…maybe a lot of us will be asking ourselves: “Where did the time go?” Feverishly, we go through our year’s To-Do lists and only see a few tasks checked off. How bad do you want it? A couple of weeks ago, I found myself repeating this very question, looking over my out-of-sorts list of tasks to be completed. Among the many things I’ve accomplished thus
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Writers Poll—We need your opinion

Take the poll novel writers and share your views for the best of the best Editing/Grammar software available for writers. Your input can help fellow writers spend a little less time researching software and more time writing their next novel. Feel free to elaborate in the comment box! [polldaddy poll=7106600]
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Book Reviews – a Master Class

I know that publishing something on here that a Member didn’t write is unheard of. Yet, in this instance I think this is justified. As you may know I run a blog where fellow authors post about writing-related matters. Today I have extended the scope of that blog to include other aspects of the current writing paradigm that are growing in importance for Indies. To that end I invited experienced book reviewer Jonel Boyko to write a post. Once you’ve read it you may want to draw it to the attention of all your readers and author friends. She’s hit
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