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My 9 Worst Writing Habits

We all have bad habits, yet you can only really change them if you admit to them.  As the author of 1.12 million words in the To Be Sinclair series, with seven books up on Amazon and Smashwords, one coming out June 30th, and 2/3 done with the finale to the series, I’d like to think I’ve isolated my bad habits and am changing them as best I can.  It’s not always easy to do, and sometimes not necessary, but my purpose is to whittle them down so they do not plague me and I can get more writing done.  Some of them may seem
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Geeking Out on the Thesaurus

Frustrated with the lack of rating standards in the publishing industry, specifically for how to determine if a book can be marketed as Y/A, I began working up a six-part post to be called PASSIONATE PROSE.  I have been looking at romance websites and blogs for quite a while, and the variety of rating systems for romance alone, differing from one website to another, boggled my mind.  What about people like me, writing in the sub-genre of science fiction romance?  Science fiction ‘fen’ do not have the same standards for ‘heat’ levels as romance readers do.  There appears to be
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Is She Geeking Out AGAIN?

I can’t help myself.  As an author, words are important to me.  My goal is to write with clarity, but sometimes I have to consult, tasting the flavor of all possible words to pick the precise one I need.  That’s when ‘It Happens’; when I’m stuck in word-selection-mode, I get a little geeky. The OCD-editor-in-my-brain cackles madly.  “Showtime!”  She hovers behind me as I pull up the online thesaurus.  “Mission parameters?”  “Well, the last few days I’ve experienced a barrage of mind-boggling extremes.  I’ve been in a rare emotional state, laughing and crying at the same time.  I know
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