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Writing Words of Wisdom

I was recently asked (again) for words of wisdom regarding being a writer and seeking publication. So I thought I would just blog it. I have some strong opinions about writing and publishing, springing from my own experience over 20-25 years of pursuing it, and numerous blogs, articles, essays, and having written and rewritten 13 books; added to this is also webmastering, book cover design, typography, editing, and publishing. I wanted to learn all the aspects of completing a book. My most commonly offered caveat is this: don’t fall in love with your words; fall in love with your craft.
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Indie Traitors?

What does the indie community think of authors jumping the indie ship to cruise aboard the traditional one? Curious. Some buddies and I were discussing making the jump. All hypothetical, but questions were asked. Could we be comfortable after calling ourselves indies and totally supporting indie writers? Would others think us traitors? Would we lose a fair amount of fans? Would we be shunned by the indie community? Again, all hypothetical. My thoughts on the subject focus on what’s right for that individual. For me, I never set out to be an indie…it just happened and I’m grateful for every bit of indie love, support and the
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Branch Out & Barter Your Way to a Better Book

I am an indie writer, which is simply a spiffy phrase for being self-published. Why I chose this route is another story, but the bottom line is, I am on the hook for it all. In addition to writing my snippets of suspense, I also have to make sure the book is edited, designed, marketed and sold. I don’t know about you, but all of that stuff is much more daunting to me than the actual writing of the book! ON TENTERHOOKS was my first novel and that means that writing for me occupies that nebulous space between engaging hobby
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