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Go Local: Putting Press Releases to Work in Book Promoting

For all writers, but particularly for self-published or indie-published authors, book promoting is crucial to success. Writers will find as many differing opinions on how best to bring attention to their books as they did on ways to write their work. Though this often contradictory advice can be maddening, it makes sense. Everyone will find certain writing techniques and certain promoting platforms that work best for his or her style and book. No, You’re Not National News…Yet One promotional tool that I’ve heard a few authors knock recently is press releases. Their complaints are legitimate, but only because they seemed
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A tale of two indies

Once upon a time, there were two indie writers, Mary and Jane. They were writing books, publishing them through small press, and promoting them through social media. Their main difference was their attitudes. Mary was negative about everything. Jane was positive about everything. Mary hated promoting her book. When she tried writing blog posts, it came out mean and horrible. Her tweets pulled people down. And let’s not even talk about what memes she posted on Facebook. Jane, on the other hand, was positive. She advertised her book in social media, making use of her circle of friends online. She
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Your Book–Keep Marketing Momentum High

For new authors, the task of getting the word out about a current WIP or an upcoming release comes complete with a separate set of worries than that of writing, drafting and editing. Marketing and promo sounds fun. Some of us start the planning stages before we have the finished product. And that’s a good thing–to know what direction you want to go in, but keeping that momentum up during and after is the trick. Is it enough to simply outline, list what you want and make the proper inquiries? Sure. If that’s your only goal at the time. Having a more
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