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Navigating The Indie Writer’s Network

The Indie Writer’s Network is full of opportunities for you to meet other writers, join in discussions, join special interest and genre groups, and learn from other writers by exploring networked blogs. The question is: once you’ve joined, where do you begin?  Start with your IndieWriteNet profile. This might seem like a silly place to start, but once I show you all it has to offer, it might not seem so silly after all. How do I access my profile? When you are logged in on the network’s home page, your profile can be found by clicking on your name
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Indie Blogging 101: Creating Effective Posts

Everyone comes to the network with a different level of experience on the web. In the last post I shared the basics of what a blog is and how to create one. Now I’d like to talk a little about creating posts. The WordPress Platform In blogging, articles are called “posts”. The Indie Writer’s Network runs on the WordPress platform, one of the most popular blogging platforms available online today. Because it runs on WordPress, if you’ve ever had a WordPress blog, you’ll find that it works in much the same way. It also means that you can easily import
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What Can You Do on the Indie Writer’s Network?

The Indie Writer’s Network is a fully-functional social network designed with you in mind. The first step to getting involved is to create an account. After that, here’s some things you’ll want to try out: Let people know who you are You do this by filling out your profile. There are several sections you can fill out to help others get to know you. You are welcome to fill out as much or as little of this as you like, but this does give you an opportunity to advertise your books and share a bit about yourself. How do I do this? After you
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