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Go Local: Putting Press Releases to Work in Book Promoting

For all writers, but particularly for self-published or indie-published authors, book promoting is crucial to success. Writers will find as many differing opinions on how best to bring attention to their books as they did on ways to write their work. Though this often contradictory advice can be maddening, it makes sense. Everyone will find certain writing techniques and certain promoting platforms that work best for his or her style and book. No, You’re Not National News…Yet One promotional tool that I’ve heard a few authors knock recently is press releases. Their complaints are legitimate, but only because they seemed
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Extreme Reading!

Reading. When you are asked about your hobbies and pastimes and list this amongst them, people still look at you askance. Why? It’s so passive, Dude! You know; you just sit there and turn pages, hardly any effort involved. Even less if it’s an e-book. Hey, forget that! Come do some Hang Gliding/off-road driving/downhill skiing – live a more adventurous life – experience, Dude! And they are right. But not why you think. We readers of the World, we billions of readers, are too set in our ways. Reading is a passive activity – yes, in that we don’t move
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How to Develop an Emotion-Evoking Elevator Speech

We know you’re emotionally charged when it comes to your book. Every author is! By the time you’re reaching out to publishers, agents, or editors, you’ve hopefully put your TIME, blood, sweat, and probably tears as well into carefully crafting the “perfect book.” After that, it would be a challenge for you to NOT be emotional about it. No one else has that luxury—and no one else cares how emotional it was for YOU. They care about how it can be emotional for them. It’s a big challenge to make your audience react emotionally. The biggest challenge? Making publishers, agents,
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