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E-book Sales: Copyright Laws Must Change!

I just read about an article that says Amazon stands to make a fortune offering out-of-print books.  One of the most appealing reasons for indie authors to publish e-books is that they will be offered forever.  No out-of-prints; Amazon’s policy is that, if you buy a book from them, they will always have a copy available for you to download. So, if copyright laws are for the life of the owner plus fifty years, and Amazon and other e-book retailers must provide copies of them forever, and 49 years after an author’s death, their books suddenly become branded as ‘important literary
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The Rise of Digital Books

With the rise of e-readers and tablets, countless articles have been written speculating on future of our beloved books. A lover of technology, when I entered the world of indie publishing a year and a half ago, I had already embraced the e-reader even though I had yet to own one. The idea of being able carry my entire library around with me simply appealed to my nerdy self in a way print couldn’t. Usually I’m a sentimentalist, but not this time. (The smell and feel of books? Have you checked out a library book lately?) I was ready to
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