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Character Building

Novels are often described as being either plot-driven or character-driven. This is something that may confuse the aspiring or new writer. Surely all plot-driven novels have characters, and character-driven novels have plots. Often I feel that this description is applied when the reviewer comes across a character that stands out (so the work is character-driven) or not (plot-driven). I think this is a somewhat short-sighted approach – I’ve yet to meet an author who doesn’t try to make their characters believable. So let’s take a look at why some succeed and others don’t. First off, despite all the effort that
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Crafting Believable Characters

Today I did my very first author interview podcast, and in preparation I did a couple of practice recordings using some of the questions my interviewer had prepped me with. I’ll post more on my podcast experience in my next post, but here I’ve focused on the art of crafting believable characters, which I thought might spark some inspiration and conversation on the subject. Please hit Play to unfreeze my face from the crazy expression it’s stuck in 🙂 Share your thoughts What do you think makes characters believable? Please share your thoughts below.
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Crafting Interesting Characters

What do readers want to know about the characters? 1. The basics The characters should be directly affected by the events unfolding in the story, i. e. the plot. Their demeanor, the way they dress, act, and interact with others should all stem from three places: 1. What is happening to them in the story. 2. Their personality. 3. The internal conflict and how they are going about to resolve this conflict. 2. The superficial characteristics What the character looks like should give the reader some guide as to how they present themselves to the world. It is often taken
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