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Let’s go to the Movies!

If you are new to this fiction writing business, chances are you will have heard a short phrase repeated frequently and cited as part of the MUST DO rules for authors. Yes, I’m talking about SHOW, DON’T TELL! If you are lucky, you have come across this gem of advice on a writer’s blog where they will have provided a few examples. Sometimes these examples are useful insights into how to put this into practice. On other occasions, however, the extracts only serve to confuse the matter even further because they are usually presented without any detailed explanation.   If
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New Series: The Classical Elements

If you’ve ever read any of my writing, you might already know that I love the idea of the four classical elements: fire, water, earth and air. They play a central role in the universe I created, and certain characters can use magic that’s tied to them. But they also carry a great symbolism as well. I think there are ways we writers can put the four classical elements to use. And I’m not just talking about modeling character archetypes based on the four elements, although that is a very common practice. The meanings behind each element can apply to
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