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Character Building

Novels are often described as being either plot-driven or character-driven. This is something that may confuse the aspiring or new writer. Surely all plot-driven novels have characters, and character-driven novels have plots. Often I feel that this description is applied when the reviewer comes across a character that stands out (so the work is character-driven) or not (plot-driven). I think this is a somewhat short-sighted approach – I’ve yet to meet an author who doesn’t try to make their characters believable. So let’s take a look at why some succeed and others don’t. First off, despite all the effort that
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Organic Doesn’t Mean Clueless

This will illustrate, I hope, the power of dialogue. Even with no story, you can glean all the information you need from what two people are saying to each other. I used to go sit in public places like restaurants and coffee shops and just dictate what I was hearing into my iPhone or laptop. This is a real conversation I had on the phone with a friend… “I really wanted this to be organic this time. I didn’t want to force it. But I can’t figure out where her head is, I just know that I don’t like how
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