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Domino Bones

….Fondness for Interesting Words & Phrases, AKA Title-Whore This morning, I rolled over to greet my honey, as she sat down on the bed (she almost always rises before I do). I heard three pops–one in my right shoulder, one in my neck, one in my left shoulder. I made some comment like, “Oh, my crunchy joints…they pop in sequence…it’s like dominoes. I have Domino Bones.” Then, I realized how much I liked the phrase. Domino Bones. “Sounds like the name of a canyon in Montana,” I say. Then put on my announcer voice: “They were lost in the canyon
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Moving Characters Forward

Blogging has taken a backseat recently because of packing, redecorating, and planning a move to another house. A task that has become increasingly challenging and somewhat stagnant, so in the spirit of moving, I have decided to discuss ways to better move characters forward. Are your characters becoming stale? Do you find them moving slowly along the pages, losing their flow of dialogue, or your story slipping away? Here are some effective exercises, but first…think back to the moment you began creating the character(s). When you added their green eyes, that deep-set dimple on the right, the way their brow furrows
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Indie Blogging 101: Creating Effective Posts

Everyone comes to the network with a different level of experience on the web. In the last post I shared the basics of what a blog is and how to create one. Now I’d like to talk a little about creating posts. The WordPress Platform In blogging, articles are called “posts”. The Indie Writer’s Network runs on the WordPress platform, one of the most popular blogging platforms available online today. Because it runs on WordPress, if you’ve ever had a WordPress blog, you’ll find that it works in much the same way. It also means that you can easily import
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