Professional Audiobook Narration

Hello all, I’m a professionally trained actor and voice performer, and love reading!

I’m very interested in narrating audiobooks and would love to work with indie authors on any book narration projects. Being new to the profession I’m happy to work for a fraction of the fee of your average ‘Audible’ narrator, and will endeavor to produce the highest quality recording, no matter how long it takes me! Please see below for my fees.

If you’d like a quote, please email me at, with a brief description of your project, a word count, and any other details you think would be helpful.


This is my audiobook voicereel, to give you an idea of the sound of my voice. If comissioned, I will always send you samples of myself reading your work to choose from, before recording the whole work.


I work at a basic rate of £25/1,000 words. This is negotiable for longer recordings, so feel free to ask for a quote. After researching the costs of other narrators, I’ve put together the following breakdown to compare my fees with the usual expected costs. Bear in mind that recording an audiobook is a lot more involved that reading into a microphone. Every hour of finished audio can be over five hours worth of takes, plus editing (which I have done by a professional sound engineer). The fees I’m comparing with are industry standard, not celebrity readers who will of course be paid much more.

1000 words: Me – £25, Elsewhere – £50 to £75
10,000 words: Me – £250, Elsewhere – £500 to £750
25,000 words: Me – £625, Elsewhere – £1250 to £2100
50,000 words: Me – £1250, Elsewhere – £2500 to £4200

I discuss the project thoroughly and agree on ‘voices’ with the author before beginning. For peace of mind for both parties, payment is made securely with Paypal, in pre-agreed installments as the project progresses. Once you have the complete file, you have the full rights to sell and distribute it, and I have no claim on any royalties.

Thanks for reading, and get in touch if you’d like a quote or have any questions!

Jake Urry.

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