Inkflash – Virtual Reality Book Trailers

We create 3D interactive book trailers that readers can step inside and explore. Each book trailer is essentially a Virtual Reality “author’s room” featuring all your books in 3D; and all linked up with Amazon, Twitter, Facebook etc to complete your social media marketing campaign. Choose a memorable setting from your book and we’ll bring it to life in a form that visitors can explore. Please check our website for many recent examples.

Inkflash is a Virtual Reality bookshop for authors, publishers and readers – all the 3D graphical goodness runs inside your web browser without requiring any additional software to be installed. Visitors to this unique 3D website explore themed immersive rooms, where each room is like an interactive book trailer; a room can be a library, castle, alien planet, South Sea island, volcano or anything else.

Getting a “virtual author room” on Inkflash is really easy. We’ll do all the setup and 3D modelling for you! If you already have a book trailer, this can be shown inside the room as well. Once your 3D room is published, you can link to it at; and also display the 3D room on your own website (just like embedding a YouTube video).

Service Categories: Marketing and Publishing.

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