R is for Reaching…your goals—How bad do you want it?


This year flew by to say the least. Goals and plans have changed to suit disorganization and lack of focus to satisfy the need to procrastinate further. We will be half-way through the year in around 40 days. Some of us…maybe a lot of us will be asking ourselves: “Where did the time go?”

Feverishly, we go through our year’s To-Do lists and only see a few tasks checked off. How bad do you want it? A couple of weeks ago, I found myself repeating this very question, looking over my out-of-sorts list of tasks to be completed.

Among the many things I’ve accomplished thus far, the list of completed To-Do’s reads like this:

*Spent hours back and forth on social media platforms
*Got hooked on Pinterest (pinned stuff…a lot)
*Did a few book promos
*Wrote a little
*Retweeted and followed some folks on Twitter
*Liked some folks on Facebook
*Lollygagged some more
*Came up with story ideas for new books
*Edited a little
*Followed some more blogs
*Dawdled (quirkier name for Lollygagged)
*Wrote an outline for starting my production company

The original list read like this:

*Finish editing book two for TOO series for 2013 release
*Write first book in YA series for 2013 release
*Work on new novellas for early 2014 release
*Start my production company 2013
*Make new social media connections while still interacting with old ones
*Do free and paid book promos
*Blog regularly (2-3 times a week)
*Make up a new routine to stay healthy while doing all of the above

If you noticed, the enthusiasm is missing from the first set of tasks above the original list. Now the original list will become the new, more structured list of To-Do’s for the last half of the year. Some of the tasks were completed, but it doesn’t give a sense of completion due to the sloppy order. A goal dream board would be great to pair with a To-Do list. Keeping track by adding images or quotes can make it easier to see our goals in the mind and on paper. Visualization is a proven success strategy.

Focus needs to be on top priorities. While social media interaction is important for a writer, putting words on the page should take precedence, so we can have something of ourselves to share with others on our platforms.

How bad do you want it? How bad do you want to reach your goals? These are questions we should continue asking ourselves, especially when our focus starts to wane. The best advice I have is from my big brother.“Plan your work and work your plan.”

Do you have a cool tip to stay focused and goal-oriented that you would like to share? Even better—Have you reached set goals so far this year?

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