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1) My first novel is experimental. It has multiple story lines, works on different levels and I used it to trial different forms of narrative. In the near future, aliens contact Earth. Things start to go seriously wrong: a rapture effect kicks in creating billions of undead; a virulent genetic plague sweeps mankind and then civilisation collapses. By 2060 a new and mysterious power rules what’s left; few enclaves of humanity are left in America. Guide is set in three periods; the present day, a post-apocalyptic future and the distant past. It deals with evolution, God, alien conspiracy theories and the mechanics of the apocalypse are worked out. Hot alien women and philosophical musing are added for ballast. It’s called A Guide to First Contact and is on:
Kindle –

It’s over 165k words so at some point I will split it into two novels.
* * *

2) When I wrote my first novel I became more and more interested in the back stories I was creating. That was my introduction to writing short stories. Ice Made and other stories was first published in February 2013. Recently I issued a second edition.
POD links
* * *

My latest project is Unfinished Tales. There will be 4 volumes, each genre themed. The unifying principle is that each tale achieves an authorial objective – a character is introduced or a plot / other setting is described. Many of the tales are actually finished. A more accurate series title would be: Unfinished Tales (including many that are complete). 🙂

3) Only volume 4 is published it’s called: Real Fiction. Genre wise it’s Noir with some Historical fiction. The blurb for this is:

Jonny Muse is a OpEd; a freelance writer. He lives well but is a bought man. A suicide changes his life in Alibi.
Tired of New York? Come to Oklahoma for a serving of weather, smoke shops and more weather, in Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley is a companion piece to Alibi.
Ray wakes; bones broken, face beaten to a pulp. He’s a mess and he’s been dumped in a derelict part of Korlam Heath. Hold-on Ray; help’s a-coming. The only problem is, Ray is used to being on the wrong side of the law. So when help comes, he’s carted off to a law-enforcement hospital. How unlucky can you get! Who’s Ray? That’s me and I’m gonna find out who left me like this. When I do I’ll beat the crap out of them. Goodshaw City Blues: A Rebel-Noir piece.
Bernie Doarn is a Private Investigator in the fictional town of Lellegheney, south-west Appalachians. Local legend has it that the town is haunted by a ridge-runner. Fine for the idle to speculate on; but Bernie’s got a business to run. See his tale in Harjazes.
Xewkija lies on Gozo, in the Maltese archipelago. It’s peaceful now, but back in the thirteenth century, it was freshly carved out from the Islamic Caliphate – and under constant threat from corsairs. A storm breaks upon Xewkija and the lives of three friends are changed forever. Read their stories in Xewkija, The Central Sea and Adriana.
Little Jimmy and Asbestalux are set locally, but in a world where a pre-WW2 scheme to flood Rossendale Valley, came to fruition. Local dialect used.

ISBN 978-1-291-94388-7

4) Lucky is a stand-alone novella. Here’s what’s in Goodreads:

Title: Lucky
Genre: Realistic SF

Lucky is the first in a series and is on a Kindle Countdown Deal which expires 15/10/14.
A lone alien refugee escapes the destruction of her race. Those she flees are highly organised and ruthlessly efficient. Where will she hide?
In this piece I wanted to deal with an alien point of view realistically, where the alien tries to fit into our society.
For a more demanding audience. Includes themes from multiple genres (non-SF). I’d love feedback.
Blurb follows:

Long, long ago, there was war in the heart of the galaxy. The core stars were ripped apart by the fury of that conflict. Lucky is a survivor from it; she is lucky to even exist. Her people, the flowing people, were destroyed by the measuring people.
War separates the victors from the losers. The victors survive and the losers are crushed from existence and from memory. To go home would have been death, so Lucky fled. She programmed her ship, the Expedient, to take her away from the galactic core, away from the planets where her people once lived and into the skeins of stars that make up the spiral arms of the galaxy. That was a long time ago. Few of the places she once knew can now support life. She has been a refugee since, drifting from star to star, in a half-life of suspended animation, known as slowtime.
The Expedient charts a careful course, ploughing its lonely furrow between the stars, always away from what she once knew, ever alert for signs of the measuring people. She’d stop running but it’s now all she knows. Eventually her ship comes upon a back-water of the Milky Way, known locally as Orion’s Belt. That’s where Earth is. Could it be a good place to hole up?

Landing Page:
Hashtag #LuckytoExist
Goodreads: [book:Lucky|20911808]

3b) Lucky fronts up my collection: Lucky and other stories. This is available in POD.

Blurb for the other pieces:
After School – civilisation is collapsing, even in the UK.
Writing Day – a tale of the last library on Earth.
Flower to Tree – all SF nightmares have a beginning.
Joe and the Xenophids – humanity are next up on the extinction list.

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Fiction, Poetry

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Crime, Detective, Fantasy, Historical, Literary Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction

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Rossendale, UK

Hobbies & Interests

History, SF, Fantasy, Philosophy, Writing, Photoshop, Football

More About Me

Unreformed hoarder
I grew up in and around Burnley, Lancashire which is in the North of England. I spent a lot of time in the local library and the bookstore, mostly reading SF and Fantasy. Having taken so much from the genre, I think it’s about time I put something back – at least that’s what I tell my wife.
I like big ideas infused with realism and I’m inspired by fantastic themes set within a realistic context; e.g. Sandman, Lucifer, Fables. These treatments fascinate me. I’m also a fan of Golden Age SF and admire works such as Dune, Starship Troopers and Lord of the Rings. Sometimes I showcase my stuff on my blog. I’ve no agent or publisher (diy doesn’t count) and I write under my real name.
In a parallel life I’m a CIMA qualified Management Accountant which means I get to use spreadsheets (yippee!). I have four children, three dogs, two cats and a long suffering wife. For the really anal, I do process mapping, spreadsheet modelling, management reporting and costing systems.

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