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    Go to my site for links to all the review, pre-order and purchase sites, giveaways and other info about “The Spanners Series,” Volume I, “This Changes Everything.” http://www.sallyember.com/blog

    • Congrats! I wonder about your opting to connect your Ed.D. to your writing. Any particular reason for that? I’ve never done it and wondered what reaction you’ve gotten. It seemed irrelevant to me that I have a Ph.D. when I just published was a vampire romance. So your decision intrigues me. Do you put it in your bio?

      • HI, Thanks for the question, which is a good one! First of all, I am already all over the ‘net with my name and degrees due to my professional and personal interactions, work, etc., so no reason to leave it off my professional name. Second, the main character in my series has a Ph.D. and I’m deliberately modeling her after me. Third, I worked hard for it and like to demonstrate the results of my efforts. Fourth, since I’m not using a pseudonym, may as well use my full, real name and titles. Yes, my degrees and title are in my bio. Obviously these are personal decisions, so best to you! PS I don’t think the topic of one’s writing has anything to do with whether or not you include your degrees. Just my opinion.

        • That’s really interesting. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and explaining so thoroughly. I haven’t worked in my field full-time since I got my degree and am not known for that. Being “known” in your professional capacity can only help visibility for these works. That’s terrific. It certainly is a LOT of hard work represented in 3 little letters 😀

          You’ve got me thinking again about doing my next genre in my maiden name. I got married a little later in life, and there are so many people who know that name. Thanks for the food for thought.