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    Has anyone dabbled in audio books via audible.com? If so, how has it worked out for you? I’m considering it for a couple of my indie books.

    • Hi Gary. This is something I’ve been interested in too. I’ve read through everything on the website, but haven’t yet tried it. I’ll post something up on IndieWriteNet’s Facebook page (http://facebook.com/indiewritenet) and see if we can stir up some discussion.

      • Forgive the delay in response, Amy. I think that would be cool. I’ve heard more and more about people going to audio books for things like driving, jogging, biking, etc.

    • Sorry no pic, getting that dealt with this weekend. OK, re audio. Co-author Linda Lombri (our pen name for Sandra Troux Mysteries) have explored, signed up and so far not secured talent. Easy to sign up, not so easy to find talent who will be your narrator. Two ways to do it, pay the narrator upfront or split royalties with narrator and no upfront costs. Few to none want to go the split royalty route, because if you don’t market well and your book does not sell talent gets nothing for work done. The audio market is huge, Audible makes it very easy, but securing talent, unless you are well known and/or have money to pay, is not so easy. Hope this helps.

      • Meant to say, LL and I are co-authors writing under pen name of Crystal Sharpe. We’ve investigated audio book route. Currently searching for talent while we complete book2 Masquerade on the Net