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    Hi, I am new to the group as well. I have 2 Historical Romance novels published, with the next in the series coming out next year. I also have 2 contemporary romance novels due out shortly (thanks to NaNoWriMo). If you would like to connect on FB, I’m at http://www.facebook.com/christina.paul.author or if you would like to read excerpts from my books, you can go to my website http://www.christinapaul.webs.com. Looking forward to getting to know all of you!

    • I”ve always wondered how romance writers keep their heads from going to far into the clouds or to far into their characters, or to far out of their real life relationships. Also wonder if spouse’s get worried or jealous of their characters. Tell me how that works. I’ve got a blog I am just starting, tell me what you think of it if you can ever take a peek. unfalsewater.blogspot.com

      • Sorry, I just saw this. I’m involved in a WHOLE lot of marketing at the moment, and I lost track of this page.

        My head is not usually in the clouds, but definitely in another place and time, I am completely involved with my characters – how can a writer not be? – As far as real life, writing is just like any other job, you need to work a balance between career and family and to leave your “job” at the office. As for my hubby being jealous of my characters, it’s quite the opposite. All my readers assume – which I will not confirm nor deny – my male roles are based on my husband, and when they see him, they keep giving him “knowing” smiles. It has been a real ego boost for him. LOL.

        I’ll go check out your blog. Thanks for writing!

      • LEXA replied 5 years ago

        I had to smile at your question FK. My husband always says he can tell what is going on in my book by my behaviour at home!! If you are involved with your characters it is difficult not to live with them and feel their emotions.