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Amy Joy

Writing Experience


My Writing

Published Works

The Academie (YA)
The Armageddon Factor (New Adult Dystopian)
The Princess and the Pepperoni Pizza (MG)

Other books I’ve had a hand in creating (editing, cover design, & layout):
Bone Machine by CN James (Science Fiction)
The Missing Method: Reading Guitar Music Beyond the Open Position (Nonfiction, Guitar Method Book)

Writing Type


Writing Genre

Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction

Target Audience

Mid-Grade (8-12), Young Adult, Adult



United States

Hobbies & Interests

Oil painting, cooking, spending time outdoors

More About Me

I am a Co-Founder of The Indie Writer’s Network and the IndieWriteNet webmaster. If you have a question about the network, I’m the one to ask.

Beyond the network, I teach college writing, write serious and silly stories for adults and kids, and love hiking and exploring, gathering experiences and ideas for stories yet to come.

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