Mya Kay

When did you begin indie publishing?


How did you make the choice to go indie?

After over 100 rejections from agents and publishers, I decided to do my research and was pleased to discover Createspace.

Holding that first copy in my hand really made me realize that as much as I would love to receive an advance and focus solely on writing, being an indie author is amazing and opens doors that mainstream publishing may not be able to open.

What do you enjoy most about being an indie author?

I love the process of creating my book cover and uploading the book to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I also love writing guest posts about the process and helping other writers.

What do you think is the hardest part of being an indie author?

Wearing all the hats. In addition to being your own marketing guru and designing your own cover (if you want to save on costs), you have to be your own publicist and administrative assistant. It takes away from writing.

What advice do you have for new indie authors?

If you would love to have someone that has your back, contact me. It’s not just about promoting my services, but one thing I learned is that sometimes having an email buddy is EVERYTHING in this business. Don’t GIVE UP or IN!See your book in print no matter what it takes. I published my first book for less than $50 (including the website) and my second for less than $30. Why can’t you?

If you had it to do over again, would you choose to go indie? Why/why not?

I still have an interest in pursuing mainstream publishing, primarily because I write young adult and middle grade. I think middle grade is a little harder to self-publish, so I will still be querying agents.However, I love knowing I can do both. Being an independent artist is one of the most humbling experiences in life.

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