What Can You Do on the Indie Writer’s Network?

The Indie Writer’s Network is a fully-functional social network designed with you in mind. The first step to getting involved is to create an account. After that, here’s some things you’ll want to try out:

  1. Let people know who you are

    Access your profile by clicking the links in the upper right of your screen when you are logged in.

    • You do this by filling out your profile. There are several sections you can fill out to help others get to know you. You are welcome to fill out as much or as little of this as you like, but this does give you an opportunity to advertise your books and share a bit about yourself.
    • How do I do this? After you log in, your profile can be found in the upper right corner of your screen. Clicking on any of the options will open your profile. This will also take you to links to view your recent activity, your sites (networked blogs), messages, friends, events, and more.
  2. Make Friends

    Notice that the main navigation tabs change when you are logged in

    • This is the reason we created the network: to meet other writers!
    • How do I do this?  Click on the “Members” option, located under the “Community” tab in the main menu. This will take you to a list of our members, which can be arranged alphabetically or by most recently active. Click on usernames to find out more about fellow members. To become friends, click the “Add friend” link to request their friendship. You’ll receive a notification when they accept.
  3. Join Groups

    The dropdown menu reveals the groups page link

    • There are over 25 different groups designed to help you connect with other writers on a more specialized basis. Many of these are related to writing genre, which is a great way to meet others and learn more about writing and marketing in your niche.
    • How do I do this? Click on the “Groups” link located under the “Community” tab in the main navigation menu. Scroll through the list of groups, find ones that interest you, and click the link to join or request membership.
    • Don’t see the group you’re looking for? Let us know. We’ll be happy to add it for you. Simply use the contact form or send @admin or @amyjoy (the primary IWN admin) a message.
  4. Create a networked blog (and explore others!)

    Click the button to create a new blog (click to enlarge image)

    • Blogs are a wonderful way to share what we learn about writing and publishing, share our excitement about new releases, and more. The trouble? Driving traffic to our blog. The solution? Create a blog on our network and have updates posted in your activity stream, in the “Recent Networkwide Posts” sidebar on the network, and in the “Blogs” database.
    •  How do I do this? Click on the “Blogs” link in the main menu. This will take you to the page where you can explore all the blogs that have been created by other members. To create your own, click the “Create a site” link. Once it’s created,  you can enter the Dashboard at the top of the screen and begin to customize your site in your own unique way.
    • Already created a site and now you can’t find it? Check the “My Sites” link in the dark grey bar at the top of your screen or click on the “Sites” link in your profile.
  5. Participate in Discussion Forums

    Site-wide discussions can be accessed from the Community tab (click to enlarge image)

    • There are two types of discussion forums available to you on the network: 1. General/Site-wide Forums. 2. Group Forums. The General/Site-wide Forums address issues that concern writers across genres. The Group Forums are set up for conversations pertaining to specific writing groups.
    • How do I do this? The General/Site-wide Forums can be accessed via the links in the right sidebar. The Group Forums can be accessed via a particular group’s main menu, or you can find forums associated with groups you are involved in via your profile. (The “Forums” link in your profile connects only to group forums.)
  6. Submit an Article to the Network

    Sharing an article on the front page of the network can increase its exposure

    • We’re looking for articles about writing, publishing, and other issues that pertain directly to indie writers. Establish yourself as a writers by sharing articles around our network.
    • How do I do this? Join groups that pertain your interests. Many of our groups already have blogs associated with them, and joining the group offers you the privileges of posting to their blog. Need more information? Read Indie Blogging 101: Networked Blogging.

Questions? Suggestions? If you run into trouble anywhere along the way or have suggestions to improve the network, feel free to contact us at support@indiewritenet.com, use the contact form in the main menu, or message me  @amyjoy.