Welcome to the Indie Writer’s Network!

IndieWriteNet logo 250x250The Indie Writer’s Network is a brand new social network designed exclusively for indie and aspiring indie writers.

Why another network?

Other social media outlets offer the opportunity to get to know other writers on a superficial level. The Indie Writer’s Network was designed to establish friendships on a deeper level than is possible through other outlets because it’s designed just for us.

What can you do on the Indie Writer’s Network?

  • Meet, friend, and chat with other writers
  • Find out who’s who and learn more about the industry
  • Join groups based on your writing interests
  • Participate in discussion forums related to your writing interests, publishing, marketing, and mor
  • Share in a networked blog to establish yourself in the writing community
  • Browse our growing directories of Authors, Books, and Author Services (a great place to find an editor, cover designer, illustrator and more!)

How do I get started?

All you have to do is create an account (it’s free!) If you change your mind, you can delete your account at any time.