Updating Your IndieWriteNet Profile

So you’ve set up an account, activated it, logged in, and maybe even joined a group or two. But you notice that others have been able to add a whole lot of information to theirs, yet yours still only lists your name and whether you’ve published or not. Ready to remedy that? Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Access your IndieWriteNet profile

There are many different ways to access and update your profile, but the easiest is to click on your name in the upper right hand corner of any page on network. A dropdown menu will appear with links to view or update your profile information.

Access your Profile

2. Follow the links to fill out the various parts of your profile.

There are several pages to the profile (designate by the different buttons), allowing you the opportunity to include as much or as little about yourself and your writing as you like. Feel free to include links to your books in this area, as all properly formatted links (http://) will become active/clickable.


3. Don’t forget to add an Profile Image/Avatar

This image will appear not only in your IndieWriteNet social networking profile, but also with every article you post on any site on The Indie Writer’s Network. Please note that the image you upload may not exceed 300KB.

Update Your Profile Picture


4. Edit Account Settings via Your Profile

The Settings tab will give you access to change your password and adjust your email and visibility settings.



5. Going Beyond: Joining The Author Spotlight

Setting up a basic IndieWriteNet social networking profile will allow members to learn more about you. If you’d like to create a more extensive listing, please consider joining our Author Spotlight by creating listing in our growing Author Directory. Listings are only $12.99 a year and all proceeds go to help keep the network running and free for member use.

Have questions?

Feel free to contact us at support@indiewritenet.com or message us at @admin or @amyjoy.