To Friend or Not to Friend?


Until the rise of the Internet, friending wasn’t even a term we used. We made friends, but we weren’t friended. These are terms that still make many writers cringe, and in fact, my word processor still doesn’t recognize them as words. But Google them and see what you find. Like it or not, these terms may be here to stay.

What does it mean to make friends on IndieWriteNet?

Group of Friends

Every social network is just a bit different. On the Indie Writer’s Network, the difference between being a friend with another member and not is this:

  • Friends show up in the Friends tab of your Profile page, making it easy to follow the activities of your friends–an increasingly valuable feature as our network continues to grow.
  • Only friends can invite friends to join a group they are a part of.

Why Make IndieWriteNet Friends?

As you’ve probably noticed, the friending aspect of our network is fairly basic. However, personally, I’ve found it has helped me connect with other writers and develop friendships on a  much deeper level than I have been able to do on other social networks–which of course is why my husband and I created the network in the first place. The 140 characters Twitter offers simply wasn’t enough for the kinds of conversations I wanted to have, nor were the connections I was able to make via Facebook or Goodreads. This network was born out of a desire to connect with other writers, and I’ve found it to be an invaluable resource that has enriched my life as well as my writing and publishing career.

Friends Make A Difference


I encourage you to make friends with other writers on our network to share the ups and downs of writing and publishing, to develop a support system that can often be difficult to find otherwise, and to learn from each other so that we can each find success as writers. Not sure how to get started?  Check out the help guide “Making Friends on IndieWriteNet” . Have questions? Feel free to contact me @amyjoy.

Best wishes!

–Amy Joy