Navigating The Indie Writer’s Network

The Indie Writer’s Network is full of opportunities for you to meet other writers, join in discussions, join special interest and genre groups, and learn from other writers by exploring networked blogs. The question is: once you’ve joined, where do you begin?  Start with your IndieWriteNet profile. This might seem like a silly place to start, but once I show you all it has to offer, it might not seem so silly after all.

  • How do I access my profile?

    When you are logged in on the network’s home page, your profile can be found by clicking on your name in the right sidebar.

    When you are logged in, the profile options will appear at the top right of your screen (click to enlarge image)

  • What’s in the profile?

    When you enter the profile screen, your picture, information, and activity become the focus. Here you’ll find your current profile picture, your name or pen name as you listed it for the network, and your IndieWriteNet username (this follows the @sign).

The profile page (click to enlarge image)

The Main Profile Menu

This menu includes your main profile options including your activity, your profile information, including:

Your activity

The main profile menu (click to enlarge image)

Your profile information
Your sites
Your messages
Your friends
Your groups
Your forums (Note: this refers to group forums only, not site-wide.)
Your events
Your settings

Sub Menus

Many profile menu options contain sub-menus

When you click on a menu item, in most cases a sub-menu will appear below the main menu, offering you additional options. For example, when you click on the profile’s “Activity” menu option, you will find that a sub-menu appears offering you the options of viewing your personal activity, mentions of your username, activity items you have marked as a favorite, your friends’ activity, or your group activity. These menu items will offer you all kinds of opportunities for you to get to know others and for them to get to know you, so you’ll want to play around with these, exploring all the options.


Additional Options

Additional Options (click to enlarge image)

Clicking on “Edit” in the Profile menu’s sub-menu will take you to additional options. This is useful because it is what allows you to fill out your profile with information about the genres you write in, what your published works are (if applicable) and where they can be found (feel free to include links), information about where else you can be found online, and more. You are welcome to fill out as much or as little as you like.


I hope this helps get you started finding your way around the network. For more articles, click here (note that there’s more than one page of articles this link will take you to). If you have questions, feel free to send me a message @amyjoy or