How to Update Your Biographical Information on IndieWriteNet

There are three places where your biographical information is stored on the network, so depending on what you’d like to do, there are three different places you may need to update your information.

1. Your IndieWriteNet social networking profile

Learn more about how to customize this by reading the article “Updating your IndieWriteNet Profile.”

2. Your Author Bio

When complete, your pen name and a brief author bio will appear with all articles you publish on any site on The Indie Writer’s Network. To update this, please log in and fill out the Update Your Author Bio form.

Note: When you are logged in to The Indie Writer’s Guide, a link to update this bio appears in the left menu on the homepage as well. If you update your bio on The Indie Writer’s Guide, it will be updated throughout the network.

3. Paid Author Directory Listings

To update a paid author directory listing, please visit the Edit a Submission page and click on the link for your listing.


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