How to Share your Articles on IndieWriteNet

One of the reasons we created The Indie Writer’s Network was because we saw that so many indie authors were working hard on their own, writing articles to establish themselves as indie authors and trying to attract attention to their blog to get those articles read. But the truth is, attracting regular visitors is tough work, and most of us don’t want to visit a dozen different sites a day to read the latest articles our favorite indies are publishing.

Welcome to Community Blogging!

Here on The Indie Writer’s Network, we’ve been hard at work developing a network of interest-based sites for indie and aspiring writers to share articles on topics of interest to other writers. We invite you to use our network to build your reading audience and establish yourself as a professional writer.

Rules for Blogging the Network

We have just a few guidelines to keep things in line:

  1. You must be an indie or aspiring author to share articles. This means no marketing professionals selling services. We have the Indie Author Services Directory for that.
  2. No blatant self-promotion articles are permitted. We have offered the Indie Author Directory and Featured Books Directory  for you to share all about your work, not to mention the social network. Keep in mind, however, that there is a difference between referring to your work to illustrate a point and simply promoting your books. The first is permitted in IndieWriteNet articles; the second is not. Also remember that an author bio will appear below each article you submit, so if you’ve taken the time to update it, promotion is built in.
  3. Editing is your responsibility. Your articles will represent your work as a writer, so be sure that you have revised, edited, and proofread your work before you submit it. If you find an error after it’s published, please take advantage of the tools provided to edit again.
  4. No book reviews are permitted. There are lots of other great places for that.
  5. No slamming indie writers. The network has been designed as a place to build up indie writers, not knock them down.

Submissions We’re Looking For

That being said, we welcome articles on all topics related to writing and publishing. Please keep in mind that there are a variety of sites throughout the network you may wish to submit your articles to. Popular sites include:

How to Become a Site Contributor

Becoming a site contributor is easy. Simply join the group associated with the site (so to contribute to Indie Fantasy, you’d join the Fantasy group), and you’ll automatically become a site contributor. You can start posting articles immediately! Not sure how to post articles? Check out the article Indie Blogging 101: Creating Effective Posts.


Have questions? Feel free to contact us: