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Participants of the Project

The Circle of Power is comprised of five friends in their late twenties who share a common history of having been placed in the same institution as teenagers. As wards of the state, the Institute had taken control of their medical care and quite literally saved their lives. They are a fiercely bonded family that stays in close quarters, as each struggles to be an individual in his or her own right: • Dakota is looking for love in all the wrong places. • Halp is the cynical sex addict who is too smart for his own good. • Skipper
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Images of Silence

Amy Stuart is running away from her past, convinced that if she can put some distance between herself and the events that nearly destroyed her, she’ll be okay. Distracted mid-flight, she falls into the middle of a family saga between a man and his young son. Now employed as their governess, Amy diverts her attention to uncovering the reasons for the strange dynamics in the Wilde household. But there are obstacles: rigid rules, fiercely guarded secrets, and a dangerous sense of evil that pervades the household. Previously betrayed by her instincts, Amy wavers just long enough to let her quest
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The Dark Room

Jamie is only eight years old and already hates his life. Every night he screams for his parent s to help him rid his room of monsters.His parents assume it’s nothing more than the boy’s imagination, but what they fail to realize is that the monsters are real. Bullied at school and tormented by monsters, Jamie takes matters into his own hands, and the results are nothing short of horrific. *In this horrifyingly poignant short story, CN James demonstrates finesse in the craft of storytelling. It’s a story that will stay with you long after it’s finished.” –Amy Joy, author
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