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Listen to This Song

Listen to This Song Originally posted on   His legs were swung over the edge of your bed. He gazed at the dusty ceiling. You sat behind him with your legs and arms crossed. Silence emptied the room and the distance between you and him. “What’d you do after school?” You turned your head to his eyes that kept darting from the ceiling fan to the wall. “Nothing. Homework,” he said, brushing his hands through his hair. “That’s cool. Must be a good student.” “No.” He turned over onto his stomach to face you. Finally. “What’d you do?” “Same.
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The Last Time

  “Are you seriously that much of a controlling bastard? You can’t even let me have an opinion that differs from yours?” I stepped towards him, taunting him further. I could see the anger flooding into his brain as his face contorted into an malicious grimace. I stood motionless; waiting. He paused dramatically and rolled up the sleeves of his striped button-down shirt. He always wore dress shirts; he made me press them on Saturday afternoons when I should have been out with my friends. “You little bitch…” He hissed at me and I closed my eyes. Waiting. Then I
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Bingo Bango or: Carl the Smoking Unicorn Guide

 Tess looked at her hands and then looked at the charred bits of the wall, as parts of the wood paneling hung by splinters from the ceiling and gold embers cooled on the floor below. “What the hell was that?” she asked. “I don’t know,” whispered Max from where he stood, luckily out of the line of fire.  “You got mad and then these sparks started flying out of your fingertips.  Are you PMS-ing or something?” “Oh, shut up, Max.  Of course not,” she grumbled, but stared at her hands again.  “I don’t know what’s happening to me!” She didn’t
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