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A Modern Day Delilah

She grew up in a Christian home where abstinence was taught, but she was far too pretty to be alone, the kind of gal the guys all sought. So she dated her way through two dozen guys, in her high school years because, her heart was true to each and every one, but her body belonged to God. Chorus- Her friends all called her a modern day Delilah, bringing guys she’d date like Samson to their knees, never giving up what they hoped she woould, denying what they thought brought them manhood, becoming what the boys all called a “Pretty
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The Letter.

The unopened letter was creased and yellowed with age for it had been stuck between Genesis and Revelations in an old bible she owned. This was ironic because its message back at the very beginning when she received it, would have brought revelations of a love much like Adam and Eve’s in the gardens of paradise. But unlike Eve she refused to be tempted for that letter came with unknown complications and sacrifice on her behalf. But oh how often she’d grasp it struggling not to open that flap, handling it over the years numerous times and then putting it
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Finding The Sun

The sun didn’t make an appearance that day. The sky and all of the attendants were draped in black. I know funerals are a “celebration of life,” but where was the joy in this setting? I missed most of what was being said as I stared at the picture that was displayed next to the caskets, my parents at their happiest. As I remained in the pew, I reminisced about my memories I had left of them. There are things we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and
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