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Tales of the Imp – Meet the Imp

I have an imp on my shoulder. He’s always there, whispering malevolence into my ear. He’s three inches tall, with olive skin and two tiny horns on his forehead. His hair is bright red hair. His teeth are small and sharp. He reeks of burning sulphur, which like him, follows me everywhere. He says he’s here to protect me, that I am someone special. What can such a diminutive creature protect me from? He doesn’t answer my questions, but he enjoys telling me things. Like whom I should kill. I don’t listen to him. Not yet.
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The Letter.

Dear Lost Souls, God told me to write this, no kidding he did. In fact, he’s looking over my shoulder right now and my fingers are moving of his own accord. He’s been trying to reach you for such a long time but you don’t talk to him anymore. You used to every night before bed but the bitters of the world have dried up your tongue. Yet he misses you, and you and you too, don’t look away. Don’t touch that x button, read a little more. He has other ways to get your attention but he’d rather be
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