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The Inheritance by Anthony Maggio

When you have everything, it is often said that you wish for more, that myth was created by the poor, and obviously not us. My family inherited our first million from our great-grandfather, who has worked his lackey’s fingers to the bone during the depression, and we are so proud of that dedication. He married well, it’s an old family adage that when you find a woman with eye’s equal to your fortune, and lips as red as tulips. Great Grandfather was lucky enough to meet his beautiful, green eyed match young in his life. My grandfather received the fortune
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Worst Case Scenario

Barbed brambles without and a house closed up tight  and barbed bumbles within where barbed tongues told him lies.  To convince him of sins, whispering,  “All is not right.”   Beelzebub at the door, as bad blood  worked inside, with cement freshly poured in the basement to hide, the remains of his folly when his wife slept around, in his own bed, his own house he had evidence found.    Came home early  from work, caught her talking away, on  what” He” likes to eat, and how “He” loves to play,  “How he gives her sweet kisses, How they took a long walk,  what a cutie he is,” on and on went
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Winsome Child.

The last time that I came to visit at an old friend’s house, I noticed that his daughter was as timid as a mouse, she had always been a winsome child, just as precious as can be, but what I was now observing, it made no damn sense to me? Cause every time he spoke to her she’d wince a little bit, Whenever he was near her she would cringe like she’d been hit, there was terror in her blue eyes that I knew did not belong, fear I’d seen so many other times in families all gone wrong. I’d
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