The Inheritance by Anthony Maggio

When you have everything, it is often said that you wish for more, that myth was created by the poor, and obviously not us. My family inherited our first million from our great-grandfather, who has worked his lackey’s fingers to the bone during the depression, and we are so proud of that dedication. He married well, it’s an old family adage that when you find a woman with eye’s equal to your fortune, and lips as red as tulips. Great Grandfather was lucky enough to meet his beautiful, green eyed match young in his life. My grandfather received the fortune from his father when my great grandfather accidentally slipped and landed on a serving knife, face up, 14 times in a row. Even our bought and sold policemen could not figure what caused such a nasty accident, but all the same, my grandfather took that million, and invested in the boating industry.

He absolutely adored the shipments he constantly received. I knew because when I was a child, he was always giddy when a new one arrived to his house, always in wooden crates, like he was storing animals. I never understood why he loved them whenever I searched them behind his back; there were only packets of dust.  The dust wasn’t even fun to play with, or make sand castles with, it made me dizzy. Whenever I played with his packets, grandma would come in, shake her finger at me, and glare with her deep blue eyes, and shoo me off. I then would have to wash up for supper, so grandfather wouldn’t yell at me. Grandfather was always so silly; he always turned his face red whenever he pretended to be mad, then he would hit grandma like those silly clowns do on the television, I always laughed hard, although grandma was more of a serious actor, but I’m sure I heard he laugh once in her room. I looked in on her room, and she wasn’t there sadly, so I decided to play detective, like my favorite detective, Dick Tracy!  I wish I had bought the real magnifying glass that day, I asked father later, but he was too busy with grandfather’s funeral preparations. He had lost in a holding your breath contest with grandma in our pool. I heard she was moved to a place called Guadalajara Mexico, my dad said I couldn’t visit her though; I was distraught over this fact. Mexico seemed like a wonderful country, and so many servants!

My father then inherited our fortune. He was so happy he didn’t have to talk to grandpa anymore. I didn’t know why, but he said something about coke. I didn’t understand, but only because I loved coke-a-cola, but I guess grandpa loved it so much, he would spend days drinking it, and would get angry at father if he came near him. When I got my fortune, I promised myself to share my soda, so everyone would be happy. Father used the money to invest in the beautiful artwork called the airplane. He would have his pilot fly us everywhere. Usually when we flew, we would land, pick up some smelly people that paid him some money, although it didn’t look American, and they always spoke gibberish when they entered. Once we landed, they would leave the plane quickly, always without a “thank you”. Mommy was one of those gibberish speakers; I always loved her gray eyes, so nice to me. It was a shame when he flew way with my mommy, he still hasn’t come back. I liked his funeral the most, lots of intriguing stories. but the lawyer person said the money was mine as of last year. The money has almost run out though, I decided since my family loves funeral parties so much, that I would use the last of my money to buy one for myself, so I can be prepared for mine. Oh, did I mention I have a girlfriend? She has lovely brown eyes, and lips like Tulips.


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