I walked up the stairwell of my new apartment
the rooms were all hardwood, the ceilings raised, big windows open and all fresh and cool
I looked inside the freezer and the women’s bodies had all been delineated into select cuts of roast, loins and strips
a head was in the crisper
complete calm
first thought, “get rid of the head”
I began to carefully pick through the crisper nimbly looking for the head and
I got a ‘tap-tap’ on the shoulder and
it is some guy from high-school and he is holding the head in his hand with a bloody samurai sword and he says,

“you are the woman, jack”

lines repeated
stories told again
can have
a fearless symmetry
, like modern architecture,
an infinite continuity
with their seamless,
unwavering rule
that can also be

so this kid working in a burger-joint wipes his ass with his hand and smears the shit all over a double-cheese burger and he smirks
and I made sure not to notice and I
ate the meal
and I felt the worms hanging
all out of my guts and I was totally down for the count
and I was not quite delirious because the f,e,w thinjs swimming in my belly were really a massive fever and I trudged like ‘Spider-man’ back to the hospital sitting in the ‘foreigners only’ waiting- room ,sweating,
and a Brit pipes up and says,
“Well, all the bears stood up and flew the planes” and
the other Brit could not have agreed more and
I’m thinking, “it is their lanjuage”

purple painlesslies in my shirt-pocket

I hit the floor with a smile and bought a t-shirt that read
‘I amimage of dreams’

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