On Apocalypse Now

imageThree guys went skydiving over the South Pole. They were the first ones to attempt the dive. Three utterly loaded businessmen who were so confident that none of them bothered with a thing known as an altitude meter. If they had had an altitude meter, the parachute would have pulled when they got too close to the ground. Instead, the sky-divers ended-up imbedded in three meters of ice. Why? There is no perspective over the South Pole: it’s all white. There’s no distinction between earth, horizon and sky.

A fist goes smashing right on through a glass mirror and the knuckles fracture when they hit a brick wall. Martin Sheen wipes blood all over his face, crying like a baby, “mommy, mommy!”

Can’t stand it when losers pose as winners; Can’t stand it when the pros are celebrating while the whole game is being lost.

By the way, forgot to tell you. A fourth ‘nobody’ who had tagged along had a meter , the parachute opened and this ‘nobody’ landed smack dab in the middle of the South Pole.

Chilean cops arrested him for murder.

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