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Why Is Futuristic Fiction Overwhelmingly Negative?

Have you ever wondered, why is it that so many books about the future assume extreme negativity as the most dominant characteristic of the future (think 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451)? This is on some level understandable. The future is an unknown, and for all we know it could turn out to be awful. Everything may go wrong and get worse. We may lose many of our cherished freedoms, our government may revert to worse and worse tyranny. See this story for thoughts on this: Why Are We So Obsessed With YA Dystopias But while it’s always possible that everything will
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Valentine’s Day Special: Science Fiction Romance, the Ultimate Fusion!

If science fiction is supposed to be uber-macho, and romance ultra-feminine, then would you not say they make a perfect couple?  “Male and female created He them.”  The Bible gave us this duality.  Yet must the world forever run with gender as definitive, me vs. you, extremes of the genetic spectrum, as if there will never be viewpoints upon which we can agree?  Or are we, indeed, two separate species?  I believe this is why so many publishers and readers fail to see the power available in the fusion of the science fiction and romance genres.  We are not two
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