The Whispering Wind

Elise sighed again; she was truly at peace at last.  Her world, she knew, could never bring such divine tranquillity.  This man had a tender quality; he was gentle, caring, thoughtful and romantic, an what was more, he was hers in this brief moment of time.


The Whispering Wind  is set in the idyllic Mediterranean  island of Sardinia, where history and culture abound. Elise originally booked a holiday in Sardinia with her husband but his violent behaviour finally breaks the last straw of their troubled marriage. Prodded by her solicitor, she decides to go ahead with the holiday alone to have some peace. This decision will change her life forever as she is embraced by the Sardinian culture and becomes enamoured with the place and its people. She falls in love with a Sardinian, Beppe, and everything seems to be fantastic. This is until the day she has to face the reality waiting for her in England and in Sardinia itself. Will Elise finally find the happiness that she has always been looking for?


Genres: Fiction, Literary Fiction, and Romance.

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