The Scorpio Ring of Fire: A Journey to the Galacitic Center

THE SCORPIO RING OF FIRE is available here on Amazon in print and Kindle formats.

The Scorpio Ring of Fire is an autobiographical How-To book of spiritual awakening and personal fulfillment. The author takes the reader by the hand through a step by step description of his varied experiences with spiritual practices aimed at what he calls “gaining intimacy in life.” Focusing primarily on the use of astrology to figure out why and how a subtle fear of death gets in between him and a really joyful, easy experience of life, The Scorpio Ring of Fire delivers some shocking discoveries about how our social structures may be inhibiting our sense of being alive and feeling connected to others in more than a superficial way. The book goes on to describe how and where those inhibiting factors are hidden in our social structures and in our conditioned social behaviors and then delivers the knock-out blow which is the realization that the chips have been purposely stacked against us in finding true joy in life.

The Scorpio Ring of Fire returns over and over again to the theme of death and how gaining a healthy relationship to death can be so difficult and yet is so freeing once acquired. The author speaks from his own experience when he tells us that when we look at death, life pays us back. Instead of being the last thing that we are conditioned to do, thinking of death in the ways that this book describes is shown to be very beneficial.

The Scorpio Ring of Fire is clearly written for people who consider themselves clear thinkers and want to be challenged in very profound ways. This book upends conventional notions of many flavors for those readers willing to stay with it and take up its challenges. Despite focusing on death, The Scorpio Ring of Fire is hopeful and encourages us to regain power in our lives by facing our own fears.

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