The Death of Innocence

Just how far will a man go to avenge the murder of his parents? Would he agree to torture and kill others in hopes of finding the murderer? Johnny did. Would he breach the gates of hell and step inside a world filled with death, destruction, and pure evil? Would he be willing to become what he despises the most?

Johnny Vegas surrendered his soul, knowing full well that once those gates are breached there’s no turning back. He’s accepted his fate. It’s a price he’s willing to pay. Until a chance encounter with Jennifer Ashton opens the door-of-hope just a little. Inside lies the cruelest of temptations, the idyllic life he so desperately wants. Pursuing that life, however, could prove to be more dangerous than the one he knows so well.

Genres: Action-Adventure, Fiction, and Thriller/Suspense.

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