The Continuing Conflicts of Lester and Emily

In the Guns, Ammo and Alcohol Trilogy, Lester, his Family and Friends founded the G.A.A. Resistance movement to fight the Mexicans and Chinese who had invaded and taken over the entire American Southwest; what Mexicans refer to as AZTLAN. As the Trilogy progressed, Lester and his family encountered Emily, the Lizard Queen from a parallel (to Earth) Ice World. She had crash landed her space ship several million years ago, causing the worlds to split, her world staying in the Snowball / Ice Phase.
Lester and the G.A.A. Resistance movement eventually defeated the Mexican Army and based on her negative adventures, Emily was considered an Enemy of the United States. She was banned to the abandoned subway systems in the US and Lester took her space ship and all the alien technologies therein.
In this fourth book of the series, The Continuing Conflicts of Lester and Emily, Both Emily and the United States Government want to take the alien space ship away from Lester and his team. Emily wants to leave forever, possibly to return home, and of course the government wants all the incredible technology the space ship holds so they can rule the world.
Emily has offspring of a union between herself and Lester in Book 3. Two boys are incredible alien-human hybrids who look exactly like Lester and the third ‘baby’ is a Lizard Creature.
Lots of action and lots of adventure. Lester’s team find a way to hopefully leave the Ice World, and HOPE that the world that survives is their home… Earth.
A trip to Mars to prove that their intentions are honorable and to show the global public that an alien ship loaded with technology to improve all of mankind turns from bad to worse, and Lester is left to ‘call home’ and ask permission for him and his team to return to Earth.
Excellent read if I do say so myself. Editors have told me it is my BEST work to date!! Thanks for buying and reading!!

Genres: Action-Adventure, Fiction, and Science Fiction.

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