Participants of the Project

The Circle of Power is comprised of five friends in their late twenties who share a common history of having been placed in the same institution as teenagers. As wards of the state, the Institute had taken control of their medical care and quite literally saved their lives. They are a fiercely bonded family that stays in close quarters, as each struggles to be an individual in his or her own right:
• Dakota is looking for love in all the wrong places.
• Halp is the cynical sex addict who is too smart for his own good.
• Skipper has legitimate mental difficulties resulting from the plate in her head.
• Rafe is the resident romance writer (he’s gay, but he writes herero stories).
• Alfonz is the grounded and sensible one who just wants long term stability.

The fact that they have strange prosthetic implants in various places in their bodies, some of which seem to give them a literal boost in physical ability, is a topic that is rarely discussed. The fact that they are being tracked and monitored by “The Institute” all these years later eludes them. And the fact that they are pawns in a very sinister game could, and very likely will, destroy them.

Enter Commander Palmer Resnik of a new agency called the INCE, and the slowly unfolding drama becomes a brutal life or death situation.

Genres: Thriller/Suspense.