Nosie Adventures

The idea for Nosie Adventures started because my second husband always wanted to kiss my “nosie”.  He would tell me that the nosies-his and mine-would play and do amazing things during the day.  Before long, we were making up stories about the activities of the nosies.

The nosies are happy and child-like in their sense of wonder.  They have a wide range of emotions, and an “I will try anything once” attitude.  Nosies live a great life.  They eat healthy foods, and they get plenty of exercise.  They sleep well.  Nosies perform random acts of kindness and they are caretakers to all animals.  They love everyone they meet. With a nosie riding along, your child has a partner with whom to try new things and meet new people.

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Length: 27 pages
Available Formats: eBook

Genres: Fiction.