Legends and Myths from Terramyr

Terramyr is a world steeped in rich history and culture. Like ours, it has many legends, mysteries, and myths. Throughout my novels I hint at some of these myths and sprinkle them in like Easter eggs. Legends and Myths from Terramyr is a sampling of tales and legends that help give additional insight into Terramyr and its cultures. It also is a fun way for me to tie my books together by linking some of them with common stories. Whether you are looking for a simple story before bed, or a fun adventure to kill a lunch break, Legends and Myths of Terramyr has a good sampling of legends and tales from various regions, eras and epochs in Terramyr’s history. Each story is presented and styled as if compiled into a compendium by a scholar from Terramyr in the Common Era, complete with the scholar’s notes.

This anthology includes:

Foreword by Alimar Dondaric III
Terramyr Creation Myth
The Moon Dragon
The Dragon Slayer
Duel at Kuldiga Academy
Khalfani’s Journey
Cetid’s Folly
A Letter from an Orc
The Fall of Oleant
Gabriel’s First Strike
The Beast of Blue Mountain
The Golden Fly
The King’s Mason
The Fishmonger
Ravenel and the Garunda
The Battle of Gelleirt Monastery
Aikur’s War
Assorted Folk Songs of Terramyr
Afterword by Derigrin Sponderak

Genres: Fantasy and Fiction.

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