Conceived in Liberty

What if a fate worse than the Zika or Ebola viruses threatened our lives in the monarchy that was founded after the USA was stillborn?

After Benedict Arnold defeated George Washington’s ragtag revolutionary army, he was appointed governor-general of a British puppet nation, the Union of Royal American States. Later he was crowned King Benedict I.

In 2063, the ruler of the URAS was Queen Alyssa, whose family descended from Benedict’s distant cousin, King Abraham I. The family had always ascended to the throne by murdering its previous ruler. In this case, Alyssa killed her father.

The paranoid queen’s nightmares contained undocumented aliens trying to usurp the throne and enslave her subjects.

In this comedic, sci-fi, time-traveling romp through history, the queen asks a young scientist, Tamar Weaver, the founder of AT&T, to travel into the past and repair the fabric of time so that Alyssa’s reign could continue unhindered.

During her adventure in 1863 in the royal capital of New York City, Tamar experiences hardships and joy that she believes caused a rip in the fabric of time.

Changing fate is not so simple for Tamar. She encounters historical figures in non-whitewashed situations that have never before been documented.

Traveling into the past causes Tamar to automatically lose 17 years and once again she has become a virgin. Her journey is fraught with assassination, sex and a life transformed.

The mind-boggling plot concludes with an ending that the reader could never imagine (unless he/she has read the last page).

If you’re prudish, a historical hardhead, stubborn, a curmudgeon without a sense of humor, you shouldn’t read “Conceived in Liberty” because you won’t enjoy it.

But if you’re not the reader for whom historical knowledge must be rigid and compartmentalized, then you’ll surely enjoy this exciting stand-alone novel, waiting for sequels in the ripples of time.

So scroll to the top of this page and buy “Conceived in Liberty.” Get started and experience an adventure that your children and grandchildren may encounter in the world to come.

Interview with the Author:

Q: Did this comedic, time traveling romp really happen?

A: It happened because if it didn’t, you, most likely, would not be here asking me this question.

Conceived in Liberty came to me in a dream. I’m originally from New York and as a student at the Royal Stuyvesant H.S. and the Royal City College of New York, I worked at the 42nd Street Library, which was built on the site of the majestic Crystal Palace. It was that building’s destruction and the 1863 Draft Riots that disturbed me as King Abraham and his promiscuous wife, Mary Todd, ruled in regal splendor from their palace in Benedict Heights.

Q: How can one believe you and appreciate this book if time was rewritten and we weren’t present in the former timeline?

A: Be grateful you weren’t there because the queen’s paranoia extended to subjects who even dared look her in the eye. You wouldn’t want to cross that genetic murderer. Her secret police were embedded within all parts of the monarchy, and possibly even within your immediate family.

I can assure you that it wasn’t a good place in which to live. If you were chosen to die…well, I’m sure you can imagine what it would be like. Or could you? I have it on good authority from Tamar’s hermetically-sealed memoir that Alyssa’s reign was not the best of times. Actually, it was the worst of times.

Q: Are there fictional elements in Tamar’s memoir just as there were in your other novels, “Daddy’s Girl,” “Pretty Little Girl” and “Dedicated Doctor or Baby Broker?”

A: Of course. Tamar gave me permission to embellish her story (and make it more commercial) so that more people will know how to confront a similar situation if it happened again. I’ve created some fictional characters and events, but the historical characters that Tamar encountered are all part of the history of our glorious Uni

Length: 210 pages
Available Formats: eBook
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Genres: Fiction.

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