1-800-LAUGHING-OUT-LOUD is the fourth volume of writings by a former Navy Seal, Chris Bent, who is known for writing inspirational books about Life Values, Family, Self Respect, Good and Evil. This book explores the unique aspects of Life’s Value Proposition and engages our brain to think about ourselves and others in relationship to what is going on in the world and in our own backyards. Written in short chapters, Chris Bent’s wit and humor tackle some serious, and not so serious, subjects and will have you laughing out loud, and sometimes wondering if you should be laughing at all…..

This book is a straight-talking, often irreverent and funny look at self-discovery.

It hopes to revitalize your spirit with, humor, hope and inspiration.

With what Chris Bent refers to as his writs and wit, this book invites examination of modern day issues that are shaping our world’s morality and its very future.

Amazon Paperback & Kindle http://amzn.to/1IGWKAq


Chris Bent is the type of guy you want to share a cold beer with at the end of a lousy day and have him philosophize on the real meaning of life. Since you might not have that opportunity anytime soon let me suggest you read 1-800-LAUGHING-OUT-LOUD. Perfect title for the book, because when reading it you will.
Nancy Lascheid, RN, BSN, Co-Founder, Neighborhood Health Clinic, Naples, Florida


Chis is a stew: meat, potatoes, veggies, gravy, biscuits and mustard. A warm, tender mix of good taste, generous servings, and something for all appetites! Chris mixes a Hunter S. Thompson “Gonzo Journalism” writing style with a Soupy Sales “Pie in the Face” sense of humor. Chris writes about: Life Values, Family, Self, Respect, Good & Evil. His perspective of life’s Value Proposition engages our brain to think about ourselves and others. Chris’ previous books are from the Heart and Soul. Take his counsel of his life’s experience. There is good advice in each chapter! You will enjoy each word like every bite of a good stew.
Gerry Ross, Executive, Pratt & Whitney (Retired)

Genres: Inspirational and Nonfiction.

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