OK, so you are mystified by relationships and life….. Who isn’t?

1-800-FOR-WOMEN-ONLY is the third volume of writings by a former Navy Seal, Chris Bent, who is known for writing inspirational books that instill leadership qualities and a sense of spirit, regardless of religious faith or not. This book explores the unique relationships between men and women, kids and parents.

This book is an inspirational, straight-talking, irreverent and humorous look at relationships and life as we should know it.

Written in short, insightful chapters of what Chris Bent refers to as his writs and wit, this book invites examination of, and self-discovery about, modern day relationship issues that are present in everyone’s lives that bear looking at in an honest, straight-talking way. You won’t find any sugar-coated, politically correct, or inhibiting false diplomacy in the impactful, straight forward views of events and issues that are shaping our world’s morality and its very future.

Available in Paperback and Kindle Versions on Amazon at http://amzn.to/1x3omJY


“It is amazing that a man would want to write about women. That is a change, but Chris has a sense of humor that can make you laugh. Women will enjoy this book and men may gain new insight.”
Dorothy K. Ederer, O.P., Director of Campus Ministry, St. John Student Center, East Lansing, Michigan


“Light, refreshing take on some not so light topics. Wrapped in silliness and wit are serious, social and moral truths that challenge us to be more than ordinary.”
Peggy Ryba, Membership Director, North Naples Church, Naples, Florida


“Chris is like a modern day prophet, throwing modern day concepts and concerns out there for us to contemplate. The seeds he tosses can land on sand or soil depending on the reader. I suggest you pull up a nice spot in your garden and sit down and read…then allow some of his thoughts to germinate in your life! ”
Mia Guinan, Owner, Gourmet Gang, Camp Trident, Virginia Beach VA

Genres: Inspirational and Nonfiction.

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