Gary Eddings

I retired as a Fire Department EMS Division Chief in 2005 and then began to write seriously in 2009. I write contemporary Native American suspense/thriller/crime fiction because I was so interested in how the varieties of tribal cultures have evolved and interacted with other cultures they must coexist with. I write more on an individual person’s story and then find there is a lot of ways to go with it. My goal is to Keep the “Native” in American.

I have published two Indies through Amazon/Kindle, Song of the Unsung and Heart of the Unsung. The second is a sequel to the first and involves the Inupiat Eskimos of the Arctic north of the Brooks Mountain Range.

I have also had published two novels through Champagne Book Group; Buffalo Hump and Hollow Point. The first involves the Nez Perce tribe of Idaho and the second the Suquamish tribe in Kitsap County, Washington.

There are two other works in progress and I have yet to decide which route to take for their futures.

My website is to keep up with my latest musings and efforts.

I live within minutes of the Olympic Peninsula outside of Poulsbo, Washington among the wildlife, the trees and the salt water and the mountains. Deer, rabbits, racoons and the once-in-while appearance of a black bear make the backyard an interesting place to visit.

Otherwise, I am the doting Grandpa of a two year old grandson and newly-hatched twin granddaughters. Life is pretty good!

Author Tags: cultures, Fiction, Native American, suspense/thriller, and tribe.