Allen Pollens

Allen Pollens has always had two personas.  There is the tinkerer who always wanted to know, “How does it work?”  That one became a graduate engineer and led a high-tech work life for more than forty years.  Then there is the storyteller, Allen Pollens, who was spinning tales from the time he was a child.  In a burst of creativity he published ten books in less than three years.



“SUPERHERO – Blue Knight Episode I, Dark Ship”is Al’s seventh sci-fi-fantasy offering .  His other books in this genre include:  “THE LOST PHARAOH – Sobek II,” “ALTERNATIVE LIVES – To Sleep, Perchance to Dream … Another Life,” “CONJUROR – Living the Tale,” “CREATOR – Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Epic, Earth’s Human Behavior Confronted,” “CREATOR II Human Behavior Explored” and “SUPERHERO –Chronicles of Blue Knight Adventures.”  Stories Pollens wrote for his grandchildren became the basis for “BOFFO BUTTERPHANT – Small Creature Adventures,”  “STARFISH CHRONICLES – Undersea Adventures with Sammy Starfish.”  He also turned the journal he kept on his European vacation into “Al’s London and Dublin Holiday,” published in full color, with ninety photos.


The author’s main retirement interests, in addition to writing, are travel and photography.  He sums up his storytelling with this, “I have been telling stories my whole life.  My children and grandchildren were ready audiences who assumed I could deliver a new story on demand and generally, I did.”