Article Submission Guidelines

Want to become an Indie Writer’s Guide Contributor?

We’re looking for high quality articles on the following topic areas:

    • Self Publishing (Tips, Tricks, What you’ve learned, etc.)
    • Writing Genres (About how to define a particular genres, writing in that genre, or finding your audience in that genre)
    • The Writing Life (Articles related to writing, writing process, etc.)
    • Fiction Tips (Articles related to writing fiction)
    • Nonfiction Tips (Articles related to writing nonfiction)
    • Marketing (Articles related to marketing indie books, screenplays, etc.)

*Note: You are welcome to submit articles previously published, provided they are written by you, you own the rights, and the articles are of a subject matter that would benefit the network. Please be sure to thoroughly edit your article before submission.

Why share an article on The Writer’s Guide?

The answer is simple: increased exposure. The more you get your name out there, the more people will know about you and your writing. If you’ve been writing and publishing for a while, know that you are putting out professional quality material (and may even have the ratings to prove it), but you aren’t seeing the sales you’d like, there’s a good chance your audience just doesn’t know about you yet. The more exposure your work gets, and the more people here your name, the more likely they are to say, “I’ve heard of that person. They wrote _____. I’ve been meaning to read that.”

After publishing your article, don’t forget to market it via the social media links below your post. (Write a great post and you just might see it advertised in IndieWriteNet social media outlets as well!)

What is not acceptable for publication in the Indie Writer’s Guide:

*Articles that are strictly self-promotional are not permitted for publication on The Indie Writer’s Guide. (Violations will be deleted.) Why? There are plenty of other places to advertise your work around the network. Also keep in mind that any time you share an article online, you are getting your name and writing out there–growing your audience. So you don’t always need to publicize your work directly to increase your audience (and sales). Note: you are welcome to refer to your work, but the main goal of the post shouldn’t be to push your books, services, or website; it should be to impart some bit of knowledge about writing or publishing to fellow authors.

Be sure to include your bio!

If you set your information up right, your article should appear with your name hyper-linked to your website and an author bio box below your article full of your information and links to your latest articles. To set this up correctly, there are two things you’ll want to do:

  1. Add a profile image/avatar to your IndieWriteNet profile. To do this, please navigate to your IndieWriteNet social networking profile and follow the links to edit your profile and upload an image.
  2. Update your author bio by following the link on the left hand menu on the Indie Writer’s Guide homepage. This menu option is available to logged in users and will not appear if you are logged out.

Note: this bio is not the same as your social networking profile; it is specific to blogging and will be associated with all articles you post on any site on The Indie Writer’s Network.


If you run into trouble, please contact us at We’re happy to help!