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IWN Badge 2 Plant & BooksWhat is the Indie Writer’s Network?

The Indie Writer’s Network is a brand new social networking community designed exclusively for self-published authors, writers published by small publishing houses, and aspiring indie writers. Its purpose is to connect indie authors for the purposes of friendship and mutual growth.

What is the cost of membership?

We are happy to provide you membership FREE of charge.  The site is supported by featured book ads purchased by members seeking greater exposure for their books.

What does the Network have to offer?

All the features of a fully functional social network: private and public messaging, making friend contacts, joining specialized groups and discussion forums, plus the ability to contribute to one of our many community blogs. After creating an account, we recommend you take some time to explore what the network has to offer. As our network continues to grow, you’ll find the value of the network will increase as well. Learn more about what you can do on The Indie Writer’s Network in our Help Guide.

Can I advertise my books or services here?

Writers, we want to hear about your books and celebrate your successes with you! There are many ways to share your books on the network. When you fill out your community profile, you are welcome and encouraged to share your published works with others, including links to where these works can be purchased. Additionally, you may advertise your published works on your IndieWriteNet blog and purchase an inexpensive, one year featured book ad for each of your books.

If you are someone who offers services that benefit indie writers, please keep in mind that you are only invited to join our network if you are also an indie writer. Beyond this, we understand your desire to share your services, but we urge you to use decorum and remember the purpose of this network is to connect indie writers for friendship, support, and mutual growth. Please use our  Author Services Directory to share your services with our members.

Please remember that while membership is open and free, if you abuse the privilege, you may be asked to leave or be removed from the network.

Why community blogging?

Building an audience is one of the toughest challenges indie authors face. Community blogging offers indie writers the opportunity to get their name out there and establish themselves as professional writers. IndieWriteNet features a number of community sites geared to specific audiences, from readers of a particular genre, to other indie writers.

The Indie Writer’s Guide is one of our feature sites, which provides space to write about writing. As each of us learn more about writing, publishing, and marketing our work, it’s nice to be able to share what we discover with others. However, writing about writing and the business of publishing doesn’t have a place on most author websites or blogs–unless we happen to write nonfiction for a writing and self-publishing audience. The Indie Writer’s Network offers you the space to share with a community of like-minded people who are passionate about writing and indie publishing.

How do I submit articles?

All our community sites are associated with a group. To become an author of a site, simply join the group associated with it (this is listed in the group description). The Indie Writer’s Network is built on the WordPress platform. If you haven’t yet learned to use WordPress, this is as good of a time as any. You’ll find some helpful posts to get you started in our help guide. We recommend the following articles:

When will my article be published?

Articles are published immediately, so make sure you’re happy with it before you hit the publish button! Keep in mind that we do reserve the right to remove any article that is in violation of our policies. (This includes being downright mean. We’re about creating a positive, supportive environment. If you can’t play nice, please play somewhere else.)

How do I join?

Simply fill out the registration form on the homepage. If you change your mind, you can delete your account at any time.


Finding Your Way Around

Where can I find help navigating the network?

We are working on populating a help site that we hope will address some of the major questions regarding navigating the network and creating and maintaining your own IndieWriteNet blog. Click here to visit the help site. You may also find useful the article, “What Can You Do on the Indie Writer’s Network?”



I registered but didn’t receive the activation link in my email.

Check your spam mailbox. Often the activation email will get kicked into this box. If you still have trouble, feel to contact us at

Who is the Indie Writer’s Network admin?

We are a husband/wife indie writing team: Amy Joy and CN James. We want to downplay our role on the network so this can be more about you and less about us, but we know it’s nice to know who’s behind any network you are considering getting involved with. Click here to learn more.

Have other questions?
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